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Work on INFECTED has begun!

We have been getting a LOT of inquiries about Infected. We are happy to announce that work has begun and we hope to begin Beta Testing by late THIS MONTH! Make sure to sign up for our mailing list for updates and for a chance to become a Beta Tester and possibly be one of…
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Shadow of a Doubt is NOW OPEN!

It took a while, what with the holidays and all, but or Challenge rooms are NOW OPEN! Bring your team of up to six people and ANOTHER team of up to six people and take the challenge! You will enter two completely identical rooms and not only race the clock in this 60 minute experience,…
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We are open!!!

OK, This post is way late, but we've been so busy! We opened on October 15th with two of our rooms open. Everything is great and we have been packed! Our Facebook page has exploded and we already have a 5 star rating with LOTS of comments! Thanks for everything everyone, we will have new…
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More shots of our sign in progress!  
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