Our Rooms

Escape Room InfectedINFECTED
Current Success Rate 26.6%
You have all been exposed to the Zombie Virus! It's only a matter of time before you start to "turn". Unless you can find the antidote fast enough, it will be too late. Are you starting to feel hungry?
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Escape Room SiloTHE SILO
No one knew it was there, but it is, and now it's awake. A true race against time with the future of civilization at stake. The fate of the world is in your hands. Don't blow it.
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Escape Room Apartment 10BAPARTMENT #10B
Current Success Rate 36.6%
Being a Private Investigator is hard, and some days are worse than others. When a client hired you to check on the neighbor in #10B, you thought nothing of it. You couldn't have been more wrong...
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Escape Room InterrogationINTERROGATION
Current Success Rate 24.5%
You have been brought in by Internal Affairs to investigate a situation within the FBI. Will you uncover the secrets, or will you run out of time?
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Escape Room Shadow of a DoubtCHALLENGE - SHADOW OF A DOUBT
Current Success Rate 51.2%
A high-profile attorney's office has been hired to defend a celebrity that has been accused of murder. Did he do it, or is he being framed? Either way, the attorneys have a lot to hide.
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